OxyContin Addiction Treatment

OxyContin is a brand name for the narcotic (opioid painkiller) oxycodone. It is in the same drug family as codeine, heroin and morphine. OxyContin has a high potential for abuse. Though measures have been put in place to help prevent unauthorized use or over-prescribing of the drug, it is still frequently abused. Research shows that a high percentage of people who enter addiction treatment for OxyContin obtained it from a nonmedical source and commonly abuse other substances.

If you or a loved one is abusing OxyContin, a comprehensive OxyContin rehab program that addresses the physical and psychological aspects of substance abuse can help ensure long-term sobriety. Learn more about our inpatient drug rehab program.

Why Medical OxyContin Detox Is Important

People who abuse oxycodone beyond prescribed doses for medical purposes are at high risk for severe withdrawal symptoms. OxyContin withdrawal symptoms are similar to other opiate-based painkillers.

OxyContin withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle pain and weakness
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Cramping

If you’re addicted to OxyContin, medical professionals will advise you to not attempt to go off of the drug “cold turkey” on your own. Undergoing OxyContin detox in a medical setting ensures that the process will be as safe, comfortable and effective as possible. A medical team cares for you around the clock and eases any painful withdrawal symptoms with research-backed medications. They’ll also monitor your vital signs and immediately attend to any medical emergencies.

Inpatient OxyContin Rehab

Long-term recovery from OxyContin addiction requires specialized treatment that addresses the underlying causes of drug abuse and teaches critical relapse prevention skills. Often past trauma such as abuse or neglect drive addiction, especially in individuals who may already have a propensity for addiction because of genetic or environmental influences. Mental health disorders like depression and anxiety are common in people with addictions. Substance use may become an attempt to ease symptoms or numb emotions.

At The Ranch Mississippi, OxyContin rehab includes expert psychiatric care so that any co-occurring mental health disorders are treated simultaneously with addiction. Our treatment team is trained in trauma therapies to help you address past experiences fueling your addiction. You’ll also learn healthy coping skills and practice identifying and dealing with triggers to use. This helps you maintain sobriety when you leave treatment. Learn more about our drug rehab program.

About OxyContin

Oxycodone oral medications are generally prescribed for the relief of moderate to severe pain. Opioids are among the world’s oldest known drugs. The opium poppy has been prescribed by medical professionals for its therapeutic benefits throughout recorded history. The analgesic (painkiller) effects of opioids are due to their ability to decrease the perception of pain, decrease the response to pain and increase pain tolerance.

Opioid dependence can develop with ongoing administration, leading to severe withdrawal symptoms with abrupt discontinuation. Opioids can produce a euphoric feeling, motivating some people to use them for recreational purposes. When abused, OxyContin can be deadly. Some users may eventually turn to another deadly drug, heroin, as it becomes more difficult to obtain OxyContin.

Stop Addiction Before it Stops You

Addiction is a chronic brain disease, not a matter of willpower. But recovery is possible with the right help. Call us for a free, confidential assessment and learn how we can help you overcome addiction once and for all.

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