Drug Addiction Treatment

From medically monitored detox to inpatient drug rehab, outpatient care and aftercare, we provide a full continuum of drug addiction treatment services.

Your recovery journey may begin at our comfortable medical detox center. Here, our 24/7 treatment team may prescribe research-backed medications to ease any withdrawal symptoms and attend to your comfort and safety around the clock.

You’ll then enter our residential drug rehab program where you’ll participate in evidence-based therapies and approaches to address addiction and underlying issues. You’ll gain healthy coping skills to combat triggers in everyday life and adopt a more fulfilling, positive lifestyle.

We also offer an intensive outpatient program to help you successfully transition out of treatment into work, school and other responsibilities. You may also consider participating in The Ranch Mississippi drug rehab’s 12-month continuing care plan , which is based on proven ways to help you maintain long-term sobriety. Here, you’ll get the support you need to make real, lasting change.

Learn more about some of the drug addictions we treat:

Insurance may cover as much as 100% of your treatment. Call us today for a free benefits check and a complementary consultation.

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