Clinical depression is a serious mental health disorder that frequently goes hand in hand with substance abuse. Research shows that mood disorders such as major depression are the third most common cause of hospitalization in the U.S. for people ages 18 to 44. Research also shows that mood disorders like depression and bipolar disorder are the most common psychiatric conditions among people with drug and alcohol addictions.

Whether substance abuse is a result of your depression or depression is a symptom of your substance abuse, effective treatment must address both issues.

Addiction and Depression Rehab

Treatment for co-occurring disorders like depression and substance abuse requires expert psychiatric, medical and behavioral care. At The Ranch Mississippi we take a comprehensive approach to treatment that simultaneously begins healing the physical, emotional and spiritual wounds of addiction.

Our addiction and depression treatment center provides evidence-based therapies and approaches to address these important needs:

Trauma – Many times people with depression and substance abuse have histories of past trauma. Research shows unresolved trauma is a significant predictor of depression. Our therapists are specially trained in trauma therapies like EMDR to help you address painful experiences and begin to recover from them.

Addiction – You may be turning to drugs or alcohol to try and numb the emotional pain of depression or feel more “peppy.” While this tactic may work temporarily, it inevitably backfires, creating more problems and stress, and ultimately worsening symptoms. We’ll help you safely and comfortably detox from drugs or alcohol and treat your depression to help alleviate the need for destructive coping skills.

Spirituality – Depression and addiction can leave you feeling isolated and detached. We’ll help you reconnect with yourself, others and a power greater than you through spirituality groups, optional chapel services, outdoor activities surrounded by nature, and mindfulness practices.

Brain chemistry – Both depression and addiction are brain illnesses that affect the neurotransmitters responsible for feelings of pleasure and pain. As clinically appropriate, our psychiatrists will prescribe evidence-based medication to help ease your symptoms and correct dopamine, norepinephrine or serotonin deficiencies.

Lifestyle changes – We’ll help you replace destructive coping behaviors with new, healthy behaviors. You’ll learn effective communication and interpersonal skills. You’ll also learn how to create a network of supportive peers in recovery through 12-step groups and other sober resources. We’ll introduce tools like mindfulness, journaling, expressive therapies, nutrition, fitness and spirituality practices that you can draw upon in the face of difficulties.

A Better Life Is Possible

Depression and addiction can feel overwhelming, isolating and hopeless. But there is hope, and life can get better. We can help. Call us for a free, confidential assessment.

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