Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

Many people with addictions also have co-occurring mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety, also known as a dual diagnosis. Studies show that approximately 37 percent of people who abuse alcohol and 53 percent of those who abuse drugs also have at least one serious mental health disorder. Chemically dependent people with a dual diagnosis of a psychiatric condition historically show poor treatment outcomes if the co-occurring disorder is not treated simultaneously.

The Ranch Mississippi’s treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders is based on personal responsibility and empowerment. It’s designed for people who have difficulty maintaining sobriety, which may at least in part be due to their mental health challenges.

Some aspects of our program that prepare you for success in everyday life after treatment include:

  • Dual diagnosis groups
  • Psychiatric evaluations
  • Structured daily routine
  • Development of interpersonal skills through individual and group therapy
  • Addiction and mental health education
  • Monitored self-administration of medications
  • Medication check-ins with a psychiatric nurse practitioner
  • Expectation of self-care that includes responsibility for personal hygiene, laundry, grocery shopping, meal preparation, chores and attending scheduled treatment activities
  • Drug screens and education and compliance contracts

Our goal in dual diagnosis rehab is to determine an accurate diagnosis and simultaneously treat mental health issues and addiction so you have a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

Some co-occurring disorders we treat include:

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