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Men Prone to Addiction Relapse

14 Sep ‘Strong’ Men Who Don’t Reach Out for Help More Prone to Relapse

Men often feel that society expects them to be strong and in charge at all times. If you are like most men, from the time you were a little boy, you were probably told that it’s not OK to cry or to lose control of yourself on an emotional level. This may have made it very difficult for you to admit to others that you are experiencing turbulent emotions or that you feel vulnerable or need any kind of emotional support.
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Christian Addiction and Relapsing

18 Jul When Christians Relapse

We’ve come to the end of ourselves in addiction. We’ve admitted desperation, powerlessness, sin and rebellion. We’ve recommitted our hearts to Christ and put our lives on the straight and narrow. We’re repairing the damage. Everything is going well, or at least it’s getting better.
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