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Spirituality and Sobriety

01 Aug How to Use Spirituality for Addiction Recovery

Religion has taken a hit in modern times. Fewer people associate with a particular religion or attend services, but that doesn’t mean that we have turned away from a higher power. Many of us have simply shifted from being religious to being spiritual. The beauty of spirituality is that it means whatever you want it to mean. And, it can help if you are in recovery from addiction. If you have never considered yourself religious or spiritual and aren’t sure how to incorporate this into your recovery, here are some ideas to get you started:
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25 Jan Is Abstinence Required for Problem Gamblers?

gamblingProblem gamblers are people who develop dysfunctional, addictive patterns of behavior centered on one or more forms of gambling. Doctors use a diagnosis called gambling disorder to identify individuals affected by this problem. In a study published in 2014 in the journal International Gambling Studies, researchers from Canada’s University of Calgary investigated whether dysfunctional gamblers can still participate in certain gambling activities without triggering addiction-related behavior. The answer to this question may help determine if people with serious gambling problems need to avoid all forms of gambling and maintain strict abstinence in order to avoid an addiction relapse.
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Working your way back to god

27 Oct Working Your Way Back to God

Addicts seeking recovery often choose Christian rehab centers because they know that getting well and living free of the bondage of addiction is about more than quitting the abuse of a substance or a destructive behavior. It is about coming to know God, understanding His grace, feeling His presence and experiencing His healing power—the same power that will keep us sober and help us to live lives that honor Him.
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