The Addictive Disease

Did you know that since 1955 the American Medical Association has considered alcoholism and drug addiction a disease? Learn about how thinking of addiction as a disease is the cornerstone to successful recovery.

COPAC believes addiction is a treatable illness, and that substance abuse can be stopped. We base this position on a long record of accomplishing positive results, informed by the expertise of highly-trained addiction specialists and therapists, as well as treatment models that get results. When a patient is admitted for chemical dependency treatment at COPAC, we use a five-axis format for comprehensive diagnosis that is endorsed and recommended by the American Psychiatric Association

Axis 1
primary psychiatric diagnosis i.e. alcohol dependence or a mood disorder such as major depression.

Axis 2
personality disorders are chronic maladaptive patterns of behavior that the patient has no insight into.

Axis 3
any general medical problem i.e. diabetes, hypertension, migraine headache, etc.

Axis 4
psychological and environmental problems i.e. financial problems, divorce, separation from children, pending legal charges, etc.

Axis 5
global assessment of functioning on a scale from 10-100 i.e. A 90 is good functioning in all areas with minimal psychological, social, or occupational problems. 50 is serious dysfunction in all areas and 40 would include some impairment of reality testing.

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