Frequently Asked Questions

Our recovery advisers are on hand 24 hours a day to answer all of your questions. Call us at 844-242-0036. You may also find answers to some commonly asked questions below.

Client FAQs

Where will I live?

You’ll live in a comfortable bungalow with a small group of fellow clients. Residences have full bedrooms; full bathrooms; airy, open kitchens; and warmly decorated dining rooms and living areas.  Houses also have outdoor areas with grills and BBQ pits for cooking, eating and gathering outdoors. Learn more about our residences and campus.

What is a typical day like?

Days are full at The Ranch Mississippi. You’ll have several groups and activities focused on uncovering the reasons behind your addiction. You’ll also learn healthy coping skills and build your resilience so you can stand strong in recovery when you leave. Click here to read about a typical day in treatment.

Can I have visitors?

Yes. Visitation is on Sundays, as clinically appropriate.

How long is your program?

Our programs range from 14, 30, 60, 90 and 120 days. Each person’s needs are different. We like to say, “We don’t want you to be in treatment one day longer than you need to be, but we don’t want you to leave a day early either.”

What is the food like?

You and your housemates will plan and prepare all your meals as a group. Meal plans will be reviewed by medical staff to ensure they are both satisfying and healthy. You’ll also do your own grocery shopping. This is an empowering component of treatment that helps you develop skills you can apply to everyday living after you leave The Ranch Mississippi.

Can I bring my phone?

We want you to focus on getting better. Electronics such as mobile phones are not allowed, but you will have designated phone time three times every week to make personal calls on The Ranch Mississippi phones, as clinically appropriate.

Can I bring my musical instrument?

Absolutely. We encourage creative expression. It’s not uncommon for clients to bring their guitars or other instruments to gatherings or worship and engage the community in song.

Do you allow smoking?

Yes, in designated smoking areas.

Will my counselor work with my probation officer or court officers?


Do you accept court orders?


Family FAQs

What if my loved one refuses to go to treatment?

An intervention, when properly done, breaks through the denial system and leads the addicted person to the help that they need to begin recovery. Alcohol and drug interventions are acts of love, courage and hope. Call us to be referred to an interventionist in your area 844-242-0036.

Can my loved one call me?

Clients are on telephone restriction for the first seven days at The Ranch Mississippi alcohol and drug rehab. This period gives them time to bond with the community. Their initial reaction might be to run away from their disease. Any threat to their disease (i.e., treatment, therapy, structure, rules or medication) may not be easy for them to handle. They may call you in an attempt to get you to play an adversarial role with the staff, which makes treatment more difficult or encourages you to take them out of treatment to end their perceived pain. This is your first opportunity to help them in the treatment process.

After the initial seven days, clients can make calls three times a week and have visitors weekly, as clinically appropriate. Limited communication is in place because clients need to bond with each other as part of the treatment process. This encourages them to bring issues to group and to their counselors so professionals can help them work through their difficulties.

How do treatment confidentiality laws affect me?

Clients are asked to put their family on their Authorization to Release Information form. This is a form that meets the Federal Guidelines CRF-42-R, which enables us to acknowledge that the client is here and discuss the client with the person inquiring. If the client refuses to sign the consent form, the federal law governing confidentiality does not allow us to speak with you.

How do I receive updates on my loved one’s progress?

Your loved one’s counselor will contact you within the first week of their stay. After that, please call your client’s counselor every other week for an update between 2:30 and 4:30 pm CT.

What is the family program?

Our family program teaches you about the disease of addiction and helps you begin the healing process. It usually takes place in the third or fourth week of treatment and lasts five days. Many say that our family program is a transformational experience. Learn more.

Can I visit my loved one?

Yes. Visitation is on Sundays, as deemed clinically appropriate by your loved one’s primary counselor.

Financial/Insurance FAQs

How much does treatment cost?

The Ranch Mississippi is very affordable compared to the cost of many addiction treatment centers. The cost of drug rehab treatment varies depending on the program you attend and level of care required. To get a free, detailed estimate on the cost of care, please call our admissions experts: 844-242-0036.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes. We accept most major insurance policies. The best way to determine your specific insurance benefits for addiction treatment is to call our admissions experts for a free benefits check. We’ll work directly with your insurance company to determine what is covered under your plan. Call us: 844-242-0036.

Are there any hidden fees for special therapies, etc.?

We do not charge extra for services such as equine therapy or seeing a The Ranch Mississippi specialist in trauma or other areas. Our fees are all-inclusive except for medications and standard lab fees. However, these are covered by most insurance plans. Our five-day family program is an extra fee for family members.

Facilities FAQs

What are living arrangements like?

Clients live together in groups that are designed to function similar to families. Chores are divided among the “family members.” Someone sweeps, mops, washes dishes, prepares meals and cooks. As a group, they plan a weekly menu and a grocery shopping list, and do their own shopping.

They are required to make up their bed daily and wash their clothes weekly. Clients learn responsible sober-living skills during treatment. These daily tasks aid in their transition when they leave The Ranch Mississippi and again are living on their own.

Do you have a swimming pool?

No. We have a nice pond and nearby reservoir.

Do you have a gym?

Yes. We have a newly renovated gym with free weights, Nautilus equipment, stationary bicycles and ellipticals. We also have volleyball, basketball and tennis courts. Learn more about our center.

Medical FAQs

How do you handle medications?

All medication is approved and prescribed by The Ranch Mississippi medical staff. Some clients are given medication as part of their treatment. Medication compliance is a relapse issue for many people with addiction. The Ranch Mississippi uses a system of self-administration of medication to help clients be personally responsible for their medication. The physician orders the medication; the medication is placed in a locked medication cart; and a nurse observes each client retrieve his or her medication from the cart and take it.

What if clients have health issues?

Clients with general health complaints can see the medical director or family nurse practitioner. We are staffed to treat a number of health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, liver disease, chronic pain, Hepatitis C, dental issues and communicable diseases. Learn more about medical care at The Ranch Mississippi drug rehab center.

Do you offer detox?

Yes. We offer medical detox. Our 24/7 medical team monitors clients around the clock and attends to any discomfort immediately. Learn more about our drug and alcohol detox program.

Do you treat pregnant women with addictions?

Yes. We offer comprehensive medical care for addicted pregnant women. Expecting mothers are welcome to enter treatment at any point in their pregnancy as long as they are physically stable. Learn more.

What are co-occurring disorders?

Many people with addictions also have co-occurring mental health disorders. A co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis means that a person has been diagnosed with both chemical dependency and one or more psychiatric disorders. These clients require some extra support. This can consist of psychiatric visits, medication management and specialized groups. Learn more about co-occurring disorders treatment.


Have Questions About Addiction Treatment?

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