Drug & Alcohol Evaluation for Professionals

Save Your Job and Your Life

We understand the unique challenges of working in such fields as the healthcare, legal and airline industries. Our five-day evaluation program is designed to comprehensively assess and diagnose substance use disorders and provide recommendations for treatment as appropriate.

Components of Our Professionals’ Evaluation Program

Biopsychosocial Assessments

In addition to a health history and physical examination, we provide a thorough psychiatric evaluation, psychological testing, drug screening, collateral information and a final evaluation report.

One-On-One Time With Senior-Level Staff

You’ll meet with senior-level staff such as our medical and clinical directors to discuss your history, issues and treatment recommendations.

Participation in the Treatment Community

While you’ll have plenty of one-on-one time with senior-level staff and separate therapy groups that address issues specific to you and your peers, you’ll also participate in daily therapeutic groups with our general client community.

Treatment Recommendations

Our medical team will review its findings and recommendations with you and any other interested parties you designate. If a substance use disorder and/or mental health disorder is identified, we’ll recommend appropriate treatment options. These might include outpatient treatment, inpatient care or individual therapy and relevant support groups.

Our goals are to determine whether a problem exists, define the treatment process and refer you to appropriate treatment as needed.

Note: This program is appropriate for state monitoring programs, Advocacy, Caduceus groups, and employee assessments.

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Program Snapshot

  • Five days
  • History and physical
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Psychological testing
  • Drug screens
  • Collateral information
  • Evaluation report

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