Medical Care

Expert Medical Care for Addiction & Co-Occurring Disorders

Addiction takes a toll on both the body and mind. We have the specialized medical staff to help restore your health and prepare you for long-term recovery.

Our onsite medical care includes:

Specialized Medical Team

You’ll benefit from compassionate, comprehensive medical care. Our medical director is a licensed physician who is board certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine and a fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Your medical team also includes a psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse practitioner certified as a drug, alcohol and compulsive gambling counselor, an AANP board-certified family nurse practitioner and 24/7 nursing staff.

Medical Detox

We provide alcohol and drug detox services for even the most complex situations, including pregnant women and those with chronic health conditions. Our 24/7 medical team will monitor you around the clock and immediately attend to any discomfort. We’ll prescribe evidence-based medications as clinically appropriate to ease withdrawal symptoms. Learn more about alcohol and drug detox.

Physical and Mental Health Assessments

You’ll take part in thorough assessments to determine the physical, mental and situational factors contributing to your addiction. We provide a history and physical as well as psychiatric and trauma assessments. This helps us craft a treatment plan that tackles addiction from all angles.

Psychiatric Care

We treat mental health disorders that commonly co-occur with addiction such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and other personality and mood disorders. Each client is assessed for co-occurring mental health disorders. We ensure any previous diagnoses are accurate and prescribe evidence-based medications (non-controlled) as clinically appropriate. You’ll meet regularly with our psychiatric nurse practitioner or psychiatrist as needed.

Care for Medical Conditions

Our specially trained and licensed medical team can treat a number of physical ailments such as diabetes, hypertension, liver disease, chronic pain, Hepatitis C, dental issues and communicable diseases. We also have strong relationships with a network of consultants in the area for other needs. Sometimes clients come in already diagnosed with these conditions. Other times they begin to surface after they stop numbing with drugs and alcohol and “wake up” in their bodies.

OB/GYN Services

We provide a full spectrum of care for women, including gynecological services and obstetrician services for pregnant women. Learn more about treatment for addicted pregnant women.

Medical Education

We provide education on addiction and how it changes the brain. Our nurses offer weekly groups on health-related topics that will support you in recovery and help you adopt a healthy lifestyle. If medication is prescribed, we’ll thoroughly educate you on how the medication works and any side effects.

Self-Administered Medication

Medication compliance can become a relapse issue for many people with drug or alcohol addiction. We use a supervised self-administration medication system so that you are personally responsible for your medications and practice taking them as part of your daily routine. We’ve found that being educated on and responsible for your medication can be very empowering.

Regular Visits With Medical Staff

Our nurses take vitals throughout the day. You can also meet with our medical staff as needed for any physical concerns or special health needs. Our medical director is very accessible and involved in day-to-day care at The Ranch Mississippi. Medical staff is onsite or on call 24/7.

Our Medical Philosophy

We are an abstinence-based alcohol and drug rehab. Our goal is to provide the best medical care from head to toe using approaches that don’t rely on mood-altering prescription drugs to treat addictions or mental health disorders. Mind- or mood-altering drugs can unintentionally trigger a relapse. We believe that your chances for long-term sobriety increase without the use of these drugs.

Get the expert help you need to recover. Call us to learn more: 844-242-0036

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