Inpatient Drug Rehab & Treatment

Get Help for Long-Term Sobriety

Life is better when you’re sober. We’ll show you why. You’ll leave our inpatient drug rehab with a toolbox full of healthy coping skills and wisdom needed to live the life you deserve — the life that’s been waiting for you.

Our inpatient addiction treatment program gives you the time, space and attention to focus on getting better. Research shows that longer stays in treatment lead to better results in sobriety. That’s why we offer varying lengths of stay. Some clients stay as little as 14 days; others stay 30, 60, 90 or 120 days. Whatever amount of time it takes to prepare you for long-term recovery, we’re here for you.

What to Expect in Inpatient Addiction Treatment

We’ve created a supportive environment where we’re all “in it together” — from your peers in treatment to executive staff. We’re passionate about what we do here, and you’ll feel it.

Hard Work, Big Payoff

Getting sober is hard work. Many of us at The Ranch Mississippi have been there. Digging into the issues that have led you to this point can be difficult, but the work you do will also be filled with rewarding, life-affirming experiences. From group therapy and intensive 12-step work to  a ropes course, you’ll discover why you’ve turned to drugs and alcohol in the past, and how to stop doing so in the future. Visit our therapies page to learn all about the different therapies and approaches we use to help you get better.

Comfortable Detox

If drug or alcohol detox is the first step in your treatment journey, our medical team will care for you around the clock. They’ll immediately attend to any discomfort and make certain you are as safe and comfortable as possible. When you’re up to it, some of your future housemates will visit to introduce themselves. They’ll even bring you a plate of food and show you around the community. Learn more about alcohol and drug detox.

One-On-One and Group Therapy

You’ll work both alone with a therapist and in groups with fellow clients. One-on-one therapy helps you identify issues that need further work in group therapy. It also provides a safe space to talk about anything you aren’t yet comfortable bringing to the group. Group therapy offers a variety of ways to heal. You’ll experience the power of letting your guard down and connecting with others. You’ll also find yourself relating to and learning from others’ struggles.

Family Involvement

Addiction impacts the entire family. That’s why it’s important everyone recovers together. Family is closely involved in drug rehab treatment at The Ranch Mississippi through regular updates and family therapy via phone or in person. We also offer a five-day family program that many say is a life-changing experience. Families learn about addiction and begin to heal their own wounds. Everyone learns how to best support one another in recovery. Learn more about our family program.

Treatment for Co-Occurring Psychiatric Issues

Many times people who abuse alcohol or drugs are unknowingly doing so to temporarily relieve symptoms of mental health disorders like depression or anxiety. Sometimes these issues haven’t been diagnosed or treated properly. Our expert psychiatric staff can determine if you have a psychological condition that is contributing to drug or alcohol use, and treat it. Learn more about mental health issues and addiction.

Separate Programs for Men and Women

You’ll live in residences and attend treatment with peers of the same gender. This can help you feel safe being vulnerable and sharing difficult emotions without distractions or inhibitions.

Cozy Residences

You’ll live in comfortable cottages with a small group of peers in treatment. This set-up can provide valuable life lessons and skills. You’ll interact with others and learn to resolve similar issues that arise in relationships with family, friends and coworkers outside of treatment. Residences are warm and welcoming with a living room area, full kitchen, dining room, and several bedrooms and bathrooms. Learn more.

Preparation for Everyday Life

An important focus of treatment is making sure you’re ready to return to the real world when you leave. While The Ranch Mississippi is a protective place that gives you room to heal, we don’t completely remove you from reality. You’ll plan and prepare your own meals, have chores and responsibilities, manage any medications you take (with supervision), and practice how to respond to triggers you’ll face in daily life.

Increasing Independence

Part of getting ready for everyday life is learning to stand on your own. As you progress through drug rehab treatment and reach milestones, you’ll enjoy more freedoms, such as supervised outings off-campus. We’ll also help you find a job or apply for school. Many of our clients choose to transition into our outpatient program after inpatient care. This program is nine hours a week. After that, our aftercare program provides continued support as you gain confidence in sobriety.

Find meaning in life again. We can help.
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Program Snapshot

  • 14-150 days
  • Drug rehab for adults
  • Gender-separate treatment
  • Physical and psychiatric assessments
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Family involvement
  • Adventure therapies
  • Optional chapel services
  • 12-step based
  • Medical care
  • Drug screens
  • Addiction education
  • Job search help
  • School application help
  • Sober-living skills
  • Aftercare
  • Insurance accepted

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