Family Program

Repair Your Relationships

Dealing with addiction in a family member is frustrating and painful. Families must recover from the impact addiction has had on their lives in order to support their loved one. We understand that you might feel fearful, angry and sad. We’re going to help you with all of that, and more.

Why Participating in Family Therapy Is Important

Research shows that family support plays an important role in the success of people recovering from addiction and mental health issues. Our family program will help you learn how to best support your loved one in recovery. It will also help you learn how to take care of yourself. You’ll learn how to recognize signs of relapse, set healthy boundaries and expectations, and communicate honestly and effectively.

Loved ones sometimes internalize participation of their family as being accepted and loved. They may interpret it as a sign: “There is hope for me.” Sometimes they don’t realize the toll their behaviors have taken on the family. This program provides the opportunity for open communication among family members with the guidance of professionals, so that everyone can begin to heal.

What to Expect From Family Therapy

Loved ones stay at a nearby hotel and attend a five-day program on campus with a small group of other clients’ families (usually 4-5). The environment is accepting, welcoming and supportive. Many clients and loved ones tell us that our family program is one of the most transformational parts of treatment. There will be lots of laughter and lots of tears.

Heal With Honesty

Addiction often comes with dishonesty and feelings of betrayal. We encourage open and honest sharing between client and family. Clients have the opportunity to come clean about behaviors they may be ashamed of, and you’re encouraged to provide the safe space for them to do so with the guidance of our compassionate, specially trained team. You’ll have the opportunity to share how you’ve been affected by your loved one’s behaviors and how their addiction has impacted your life.

Learn About Addiction

Our medical director will explain addiction in easily understandable terms. You’ll learn why addiction is a disease of the brain. You’ll also learn how and why mental health disorders often play a role in alcohol and drug abuse. Our staff will start each day with an educational topic that will help you better understand your loved one’s problem and how you can support them in recovery. There will be lots of facts, and also lots of feelings.

Bond With Others Who Understand

You’ll find fellowship and support from other families who’ve been through some of the same challenges as you. Because only four or five families attend the family program at one time, there are ample opportunities to develop close relationships. Many of our family program participants tell us they made lifelong friends who’ve become a strong support system in their lives.

Learn How to Support Each Other

You’ll learn how to support your loved one as they continue along their recovery journey. We’ll teach you about common relationship patterns in addiction such as codependency, enabling and detachment. In addition to learning warning signs of a relapse, you’ll learn how to best support your loved one emotionally. Similarly, you’ll share about what you need from your loved one for your own healing and to rebuild trust.

Access Helpful Resources

We’ll introduce you to long-term support resources for family members of addicts like Al-Anon and Nar-Anon. We can also recommend therapists, doctors and recovery activities for you and your loved ones. At week’s end you and your loved one will meet with a counselor to talk about the week and discuss recommendations for moving forward in treatment.

Get Guidance From Family Specialists

Our family program leaders are passionate, caring professionals specially trained in addiction and family issues. We like to call ourselves “wounded healers.” We’ve been there with our own family members. We know your fears, hopes and frustrations. You’ll benefit from both our professional and personal experience.

Learn How to Communicate Effectively

Communication with addicts can sometimes feel like a one-way street. We’ll teach you and your loved one to express yourselves honestly and respectfully. You’ll learn about healthy boundaries and how to reach compromises that everyone can live with.

Reconnect With Your Loved One

Following our five-day program, you’re encouraged to remain in town over the weekend to visit with your loved one. As clinically appropriate, you can take your loved one off campus to spend time with each other outside the treatment environment. This gives you a chance to process the week and spend some quality time together.

We view families as holy ground. We understand that people’s lives and destinies are at stake when it comes to addiction. Our approach reflects that. Our family program promotes honesty and healing and gives you the tools to move forward.

Get back the person you love.
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Program Snapshot

  • Five days
  • Addiction education
  • Mental health education
  • Introduction to 12-step support groups
  • Session with loved one’s primary therapist
  • Family and group therapy
  • Continuing care recommendations
  • Relapse prevention education
  • Resources for post-treatment support groups and counseling

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