Stabilization & Drug & Alcohol Assessment

Get Help to Move Forward

Our stabilization and drug and alcohol assessment program is ideal for people who need immediate, short-term help for addiction and mental health disorders. Services include substance use and psychiatric assessments, stabilization, and identification of triggers in the case of relapse. At the end of the assessment period, we will share our recommendations for future treatment (if needed) with you and your loved ones.

Who Is Our Assessment Program For?

Our stabilization and assessment program can be a life-saving solution for anyone struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. We provide the chance to come into an inpatient drug rehab program for up to 14 days and get a full addiction, medical and psychiatric workup. Often clients are referred by a therapist, medical practitioner, employer or loved one as a first step in lending legitimacy to concerns that substance use is problematic. This program is also beneficial for people who have relapsed or have lapsed in taking medication for psychiatric problems and are experiencing issues as a result.

What Happens in Assessment and Stabilization


During this phase, we’ll help physically and mentally stabilize you so we can perform an accurate assessment of the issues you’re facing. Stabilization may include medical detox to eliminate substances safely and comfortably from the body.


Our medical and behavioral team will perform comprehensive biopsychosocial assessments that include medical history, physical, drug screen and psychiatric screenings to determine potential co-occurring mental health disorders, trauma and other underlying issues. In cases of relapse, we’ll identify the cause of the relapse and how to address it going forward.


You’ll get a chance to see for yourself how treatment works. Clients in our stabilization and assessment program attend regular groups with the rest of The Ranch Mississippi treatment community. You’ll begin to learn about addiction and what causes you to abuse alcohol and drugs. You’ll start to address triggers, develop healthier coping skills and discover how fulfilling recovery can be.


We’ll share our findings and treatment recommendations with you, your loved ones and/or others involved in the process (as clinically appropriate). Recommendations could include inpatient addiction rehab at The Ranch Mississippi or another facility, outpatient care, sober-living housing or additional addiction and mental health services.

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Program Snapshot

  • Adults ages 18+
  • 14-day assessment
  • History and physical
  • Drug screen
  • Psychiatric screening
  • Identify relapse triggers
  • Treatment planning
  • Referral to appropriate resources

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