Drug & Alcohol Detox

Take the First Step to a Better Life

Often the first step in recovery is drug or alcohol detox. At The Ranch Mississippi drug rehab, you’ll take this step in comfort under the care of our 24/7 medical team. We provide medically monitored withdrawal management to ease any discomfort you may experience and monitor you around the clock.

Features of our drug and alcohol detox center include:

Expert Medical Team

You’ll be under the attentive care of our experienced treatment team. Our medical detox staff includes a medical director, nurse practitioner and psychiatric nurse practitioner trained in addiction medicine, as well as licensed behavioral therapists and specialists.


Private, Comfortable Setting

Our detox residence has comfortable beds, televisions and an open kitchen stocked with healthy snacks. It’s a quiet, peaceful facility, separate from the main treatment center. You’ll be with others of the same sex, and our high staff-to-client ratio provides you an exceptional level of one-on-one attention.

Safety and Comfort

We’ll ensure that your detox experience is safe and as comfortable as possible. We prescribe evidence-based medications to ease withdrawal symptoms as clinically appropriate. Our onsite, around-the-clock detox specialists immediately address any discomfort or personal needs.

Care for Complex Detox Cases

Our treatment team has the clinical expertise to handle complex issues such as detox for pregnant women, medically compromised clients (such as those with organ transplants), unconventional addiction issues, post-surgical cases (such as those in recovery who would like expert addiction medicine supervision as they recover from surgeries that require painkillers), elderly clients and those with chronic relapse issues.

Thorough Evaluations

You’ll receive comprehensive physical and psychological assessments to determine appropriate treatment approaches. We’ll also assess and treat any co-occurring mental health disorders.

Smooth Transition Into Treatment

You’ll have an assigned “buddy” (fellow client) from our alcohol and drug rehab program to provide you emotional and social support. It’s not uncommon for your future The Ranch Mississippi housemates to bring you a plate of hot food when you’re feeling better or show you around the campus and introduce you to members of the treatment community. You can also meet with your primary counselor and attend regular groups as you feel up to it. Learn about inpatient drug rehab.

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*We realize that abstinence from drugs and alcohol is challenging. The Ranch Mississippi drug and alcohol detox center allows smoking in designated areas. Our clinical assistants can help you with breaks outside to rest or smoke in designated areas.

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