Christian Drug Rehab Program

Faith-Based Addiction Treatment for Men

When you’re in the grips of addiction, Christ can feel far away. Our Christian alcohol and drug rehab program reminds you He’s been there all along. He forgives you and loves you, and is waiting to help you stand strong in recovery.

Our Three StrandsSM Christian drug rehab program for men is grounded in clinically proven approaches and embraces a higher power, Jesus Christ, who is loving and forgiving.

How Three StrandsSM Christian Drug Rehab Is Different

Instead of just a “track” like many treatment centers, Three StrandsSM is a fully integrated and non-denominational faith-centered program.  We freely use Christian terms. We also treat addiction from a biopsychosocial perspective, tying the latest clinically based approaches with what the scriptures say about afflictions and illness.

You’ll participate in individual and group therapy, Christian support groups, worship at local churches, and relapse prevention planning. Our master’s level Christian therapists provide you the tools needed to rebuild your life, within the embrace of a faith-based, accepting community of counselors and peers.

Our professional team meets you where you are — spiritually, emotionally and physically. Three StrandsSM was founded by Chuck Robinson, a licensed minister, licensed alcohol and drug counselor, certified sex addiction therapist and author of Loving the Addict in Your Pew.

Our Christian Drug Rehab Includes:

Exceptional Medical and Behavioral Treatment

You’ll work with an experienced medical and clinical team that is specially trained to treat the issues at the core of drug addiction, including co-occurring mental health issues and trauma. You’ll be guided to recovery with evidence-based therapies and passionate, master’s level staff. Learn more about our therapies.

Accepting Community of Christians

Anyone is welcome in the Three StrandsSM program who is seeking a recovery journey based in the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. You’ll nurture your faith within a community of Christians and be prepared to return to whatever your church of origin may be.

Innovative Therapies

Our Christian drug rehab program creates many opportunities for experiential learning and growth. In addition to individual and group therapy, we offer interventions such as adventure-based therapies. This helps you gain insight into behaviors that directly affect your spiritual and emotional well-being in new and impactful ways.

“Safe” People in Recovery

You’ll learn faith-based coping skills to prevent being triggered by situations and people. You’ll also learn to identify and lean on people who can best support you along your recovery journey.

Healing Wounds

Many men with addictions confuse the demands and relationship challenges of their earthly father with God, their heavenly father. You’ll learn to embrace God as a father who isn’t critical, but merciful. We’ll address the roles that society often pushes upon men, and help you feel safe being vulnerable, sharing openly and honestly, and being comfortable in your own skin.

Preparation for the Real World

Instead of sheltering you in treatment, we create an environment that prepares you to meet everyday life challenges. You’ll learn to live your faith both inside and outside the Three StrandsSM community. While you’ll share a residence and attend separate programming with other Christians, you’ll mingle with people who have varying belief systems.

Christian 12-Step Approach

We use both Celebrate Recovery (Christ-based) and The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous (a higher power based on your understanding). You’ll gain an understanding of lingo and etiquette within both approaches so you can prepare for the real-world recovery community.

The Meaning of Three StrandsSM

We believe in the power of threes:

  • The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
  • Healing in mind, body and spirit
  • Faith, hope and love
  • Unity, strength and recovery
  • The wisdom shared among counselors, the individual and the group

We believe that, like three strands woven together, we are stronger when we unite for a common purpose than when we act alone. This is why we feel the Three StrandsSM name embodies the philosophy of our program. We offer help, support and acceptance to anyone seeking a spiritual path to recovery.

Heal from addiction in Jesus Christ’s loving embrace.
Call us for a free, confidential consultation: 844-242-0036

Program Snapshot

  • Adults ages 18 +
  • 14 – 120 days
  • Gender-separate program, for men
  • Focus on a Higher Power, Jesus Christ
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Christian support groups
  • Biblical strategies for everyday life
  • Integration of Christian 12 Steps
  • Addiction education
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Chapel services, on and off campus
  • Celebrate Recovery materials
  • Big Book of AA & AA-approved literature
  • The Bible
  • Meditation
  • Aftercare

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