Compulsive Gambling

We have a certified compulsive gambling clinician onsite who is well-versed in treating those with gambling issues. We help clients stop abusing drugs or alcohol, recover from compulsive gambling, and return to a balanced path in life.

Program Snapshot

A Typical Patient:
18 + years

The Typical Program Length:
30 days

The Program Includes:
Education, Stepwork, Specific gambling issues group, Individual gambling therapy, and Introduction 12-step program

Referral to:
12-step program and individual therapist

Our onsite certified compulsive gambling clinician is specially trained in helping clients overcome gambling addictions. Treatment includes addressing the problem gambler’s financial concerns and educating them on the compulsive gambling cycle. Clients participate in Gambler’s Anonymous programs and individual and group therapy, where we address both compulsive gambling and alcohol and drug addiction simultaneously.

Take the first step to a better life. Call today for a free, confidential consultation: 844-242-0036.


  • To understand the compulsive gambling cycle and/or its relation to other addictions.
  • To address financial concerns through money management skills.
  • To improve self-concept that supports risk and struggle related to life goals.
  • To increase self-worth and help reduce stress of everyday life through recreation and leisure activities.
  • To develop goals that address relationship issues.


  • Education
  • Stepwork
  • Specific gambling issues group
  • Individual gambling therapy
  • Introduction 12-step program

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