Evaluation for Professionals

Through our five-day diagnostic evaluation for professionals, we identify addiction and/or psychiatric issues and assess each client’s treatment needs.

Program Snapshot

A Typical Patient:

The Typical Program Length:
One (1) Week

The Program Includes:
History and Physical, Psychiatric Evaluation, Psychological Testing, Drug Screens, Collateral Information, and Evalution Report

Referral to:
Appropriate treatment milieu

The goals of the program are to accurately assess and determine the problem, define the treatment process, and provide the most appropriate treatment approach. In addition to a health history and physical examination, the Diagnostic Evaluation Program provides a thorough psychiatric evaluation, psychological testing, drug screen, collateral information, and a final evaluation report. The program is appropriate for state monitoring programs, Advocacy, Cadeuceus groups, and employee assessments.

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Program Goals

  • Determine problem
  • Define treatment process
  • Refer to appropriate treatment

Program Milestones

  • History and Physical
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Psychological testing
  • Drug screen
  • Collateral information
  • Evaluation report

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