Addiction Treatment Services & Programs

Rebuild Your Life.

If alcohol and drugs are destroying your life, we’ll help you pick up the pieces and get better – for good. We don’t just help you quit using substances; we teach you how to stay sober. Our drug and alcohol rehab programs are rooted in proven therapeutic methods. You’ll learn how to live a fulfilling life without drugs and alcohol, and get the real-life recovery skills to do it.

The Ranch Mississippi addiction center offers a range of specialized programs to meet your needs. These include:

Drug and Alcohol Detox – Complete detox in a safe, comfortable environment with the 24/7 care of compassionate medical experts. Learn more.

Residential Addiction Treatment – Our inpatient addiction program offers short-and long-term stays and evidence-based approaches that prepare you for long-term recovery. Learn more.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment – Get the support you need to recover as you return to work, school and everyday life challenges. Learn more.

Christian Drug Rehab Program – We offer a specialized program for people seeking Christian-focused treatment that is both biblically and clinically based. Learn more.

Addiction Treatment for Nurses
We are an approved provider of addiction treatment by multiple state boards of nursing. Our medical team can fulfill any assessment requirements mandated by the state board. Nurses may also participate in our five-day professionals’ evaluation program and special group counseling sessions for professionals.
Learn more.

Drug Rehab for Pregnant Women – Our medical team provides safe, comprehensive medical care for addicted pregnant women, from detox to treatment and aftercare. Learn more.

Stabilization and Assessment – We provide professional assessments and treatment recommendations as well as stabilization services to help you prepare for the next stage of recovery. Learn more.

Professionals’ Evaluation – We offer a comprehensive five-day assessment and diagnosis program for licensed professionals who may have substance abuse problems. Learn more.

Family Program – Many say our family program is life-changing. Our intensive five-day family program helps families learn about addiction and roadblocks to relationships with their loved ones. Learn more.

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