Treatment Services

At COPAC, we believe chemical addiction is a disease of the body, mind and spirit, and that the recovery process encompasses healing the whole person. We offer an array of opportunities for clients to change and grow, and discover what heals them physically, mentally and emotionally. From medically-monitored intensive outpatient and residential treatment, to specialized assessments and evaluation for professionals, we offer a combination of individual therapy, group counseling, and educational programs that help clients explore and begin to heal from the disease of addiction and co-occurring disorders. Our focus at COPAC is on healing the whole person, not just the problem. Call 844-242-0036.

Our Programs

Residential Addiction Treatment

Our comprehensive, residential addiction recovery program provides clients with a primary substance use disorder the necessary tools to maintain long-term recovery.

Three Strands℠ Christian Program for Men

Your Faith. Your Future. Your Life.℠ Surrounded by natural beauty, the center is nestled on a 22-acre campus in a secluded part of Mississippi where stillness and quiet abound and connection between creation and creator are found.

SEAR (Stabalize, Educate, Assess, Refer) Program

This program includes addiction and psychiatric assessment, stabilization and identification of triggers in the case of relapse, and referrals to appropriate treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Clients are able to fulfill day-to-day personal and professional responsibilities while receiving psycho-education, individual counseling and group therapy.

Evaluation for Professionals

Through our five-day diagnostic evaluation for professionals, we identify addiction and/or psychiatric issues and assess each client’s treatment needs.

Family Program

Our weeklong, intensive family program addresses relationship issues stemming from addiction and introduces loved ones to long-term support resources.

Specialized Programs

Adventure Therapy

Our adventure therapy program, which includes a high and low elements ropes course, works to identify trust issues, improve interpersonal communication skills, cultivate and promote leadership skills, as well as promote personal responsibility.

Behavioral Addiction

Compulsive Gambling

We have a certified compulsive gambling clinician onsite who is well-versed in treating those with gambling issues. We help clients stop abusing drugs or alcohol, recover from compulsive gambling, and return to a balanced path in life.

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