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28 Apr Does the Real You Match the ‘You’ You Present?

  We’ve all heard that the first impression is the most important. Have your shoes match your belt. Be on time. Remember your manners. But if the self you show others on first impression is obscured behind a mask, what does the other person really see? Is it you, or what you want them to think you are?
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31 Mar Are You Destined to Relapse?

For those who are in recovery for drug or alcohol abuse, the possibility of eventually relapsing may be a thought that is continually present. This may be especially true for you if you are newly sober. In early sobriety, you may feel sure that you can’t possibly stay sober for a day or two, let alone forever. You may feel shaken up when you hear in meetings that some people have addiction relapse after putting several years of sobriety together, or that others relapse repeatedly and aren’t ever able to understand how to live a sober life. Hearing stories about relapse probably makes you feel uneasy.
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