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Process and Gambling Addiction

26 Sep Problem Gamblers ‘See’ Patterns That Don’t Exist

According to research published in the April 2015 edition of the Journal of Gambling Studies, problem gamblers may suffer from cognitive abnormalities that distort their view of reality. Seeing imaginary patterns in random phenomenon, they believe they can figure a way to beat the odds if they keep gambling long enough. Naturally this activity just sinks them deeper and deeper into the quicksand of addiction, but their corrupted thinking patterns prevent them from seeing the truth.
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Men Prone to Addiction Relapse

14 Sep ‘Strong’ Men Who Don’t Reach Out for Help More Prone to Relapse

Men often feel that society expects them to be strong and in charge at all times. If you are like most men, from the time you were a little boy, you were probably told that it’s not OK to cry or to lose control of yourself on an emotional level. This may have made it very difficult for you to admit to others that you are experiencing turbulent emotions or that you feel vulnerable or need any kind of emotional support.
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What is Drunkorexia

07 Sep ‘Drunkorexia’ Isn’t Just for Women

Binge drinking and eating disorders aren’t new to college campuses. But a relatively new phenomenon that combines these two behaviors has been making headlines of late. It’s colloquially known as “drunkorexia.” Recently, researchers from the University of Texas estimated that as many as 80% of college students are taking part in the practice, and not just women.
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