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How to Ask for Help for Your Addiction

04 Feb How to Ask for Help for Your Addiction

Beating addiction alone is almost impossible, but asking for help can also seem far-fetched. If you are struggling with addiction and have decided to get help, you’re halfway there. Having support from people who love and care about you is essential to your success in getting sober and staying clean. If you’re afraid to ask these people to help and support you as you go through treatment, remember that no matter what you have done, they still love you. Asking for help is hard, but you can do it.
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25 Jan Is Abstinence Required for Problem Gamblers?

gamblingProblem gamblers are people who develop dysfunctional, addictive patterns of behavior centered on one or more forms of gambling. Doctors use a diagnosis called gambling disorder to identify individuals affected by this problem. In a study published in 2014 in the journal International Gambling Studies, researchers from Canada’s University of Calgary investigated whether dysfunctional gamblers can still participate in certain gambling activities without triggering addiction-related behavior. The answer to this question may help determine if people with serious gambling problems need to avoid all forms of gambling and maintain strict abstinence in order to avoid an addiction relapse.
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Mississippi Grind Accurately Portrays Gambling Addiction

21 Jan ‘Mississippi Grind’ Accurately Portrays Gambling Addiction

In many ways, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s "Mississippi Grind" plays more like a documentary detailing the very real rollercoaster of gambling addiction than a drama. Gerry (Ben Mendelsohn) is a typical down-on-his luck gambling addict. He lives and dies by the game. He’s alienated his family. He lives alone with his cat and has few friends. He works sporadically as a real estate agent in small town Iowa. Life revolves around dodging his bookie and finding that next big win that will change it all.
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10 Dec Tips on How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's resolutions are a popular way for people to motivate themselves to accomplish tasks they have been putting off for a long time and aren’t looking forward to doing. Unfortunately, many people never follow through on their resolutions — they either blow them off completely or give a half-hearted attempt to reach their goal, only to give up and quit after a short period of time.
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Problem Gambling Common Among Homeless

10 Nov Problem Gambling Common Among Homeless

The link between substance abuse, mental health troubles and homelessness is well-known and established. But much less talked about or understood is the strong connection between problem gambling and homelessness. In 2014, there were two fact-finding projects aimed at probing the relationship between pathological gambling and homelessness, and the information each uncovered was eye-opening. 
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