Diagnostic Quizzes

Are you worried about substance abuse or a behavioral addiction like gambling in yourself or someone you love? Take one of our diagnostic addiction quizzes to help identify if the problem is something that may require professional help. Our alcohol addiction test will help you assess whether your own drinking patterns or those of a loved one may be harmful and require treatment. Our drug addiction quiz is another tool that is designed to help you determine the level of your dependence on legal or illegal drugs. And if you think you may be suffering from problem gambling, our gambling addiction test can help you take stock of the issue by presenting questions about a range of potential consequences, from changes in your lifestyle to the financial woes you may be experiencing.

If you have doubts about whether you need help, take a few moments to answer the questions on these addiction quizzes as truthfully as you can. And while addiction tests do not result in a formal diagnosis, they can help open your eyes to problematic behavior that presents a threat to your health and welfare. Use them to take a serious look at what lies beneath your habits and whether it’s time to get help.

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