Why The Ranch Mississippi?

We Know How Important This Decision Is

We’ve been helping people take back their lives from addiction since 1979. We can help you too. We’re passionate about what we do, and you’ll feel it. Below are just some of the reasons why The Ranch Mississippi is the best choice for your addiction recovery.

Proven Treatment Model

Our approach to treatment is modeled after evidence-based recommendations by institutions such as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). We offer a long-term, structured, phased approach to addiction rehab. You’ll progress from detox (if needed) to inpatient care, through outpatient programming, and ultimately to aftercare. We offer longer stays and a step-down approach so that you are physically and emotionally stable and actively living in recovery before you fully emerge into everyday life.

Preparation for Real-World Recovery

The Ranch Mississippi is like a safe, nurturing nest that gives you the wings to fly when you leave. You’ll get sober and also learn how to stay sober in your day-to-day life. You’ll engage in everyday activities and develop practical skills. Some of these include grocery shopping, cooking, chores, outings and playing an active role in your treatment planning. You’ll live in a house with others and learn to navigate some of the same relationship challenges that you’ll face with family, friends and coworkers outside of treatment. You’ll learn to be accountable and responsible.

Supportive Community

Addiction can be isolating. The Ranch Mississippi is based on a social learning model that brings you out of yourself, “wakes you up” and helps you reconnect with the world around you. Our approach is group-oriented. Your treatment peers will be a source of support and also serve as a mirror that reflects back to you, helping you grow and holding you accountable for your actions. You’ll develop close relationships and begin to act and grow as a unit, not just as an individual. With opportunities to facilitate chores, prep meals and help integrate new clients into the treatment community, you’ll develop your leadership skills and self-reliance. At The Ranch Mississippi, we have an open-door policy, which means our medical and executive directors are just as accessible as our support staff.

Advanced Medical Care

Our specially trained and licensed medical staff can treat complex addiction cases as well as co-occurring health conditions. We provide expert medical detox and an uncommon level of support for medical needs. We are equipped to safely and effectively treat pregnant women with addiction and people with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, liver disease, chronic pain, Hepatitis C, dental issues and communicable diseases. Learn more.

Specialized Treatment Services

Addiction rarely occurs in a vacuum. We have expert staff to treat issues that co-occur with alcohol and drug abuse. These may include mental health disorders like depression and anxiety, trauma and intimacy issues, as well as behavioral addictions like compulsive gambling. We also have special treatment options for Christians, professionals and pregnant women, and effectively treat those who’ve struggled with chronic relapse.

Gender-Separate Treatment

Our treatment programs and residences are gender-separate. You’ll recover alongside peers of the same sex. This approach helps prevent distractions and inhibitions that can come when men and women are in treatment together. A gender-separate setting can help you feel safe to share openly about difficult issues and focus on yourself and getting better.

Recovery for the Whole Family

Addiction is a family disease. Everyone must recover from the impact it has had on their lives. We provide regular family therapy via phone or on campus. We also offer a powerful five-day family program. Senior-level staff educates families on the disease of addiction. Families also get support from other families sharing similar challenges, and clients and family members learn how to communicate with and support each other. Learn more.

Hope for the Chronic Relapser

For some this is their first time in treatment. Others have relapsed, in some cases over and over again. The Ranch Mississippi tends to be where the relapse cycle stops. Our approach draws heavily on proven relapse prevention techniques. We take special care to identify why you’ve had trouble maintaining sobriety and address those issues so you don’t get caught in the relapse cycle again. Our step-down approach gradually primes you for more independence, so you are fully prepared to face everyday challenges by the time you enter aftercare. Learn more about chronic relapse.

Alternative Treatment Approaches

We offer you many different ways to heal. You’ll explore issues and recovery concepts in ways that go beyond talk therapy. Our certified recreational therapist will guide you through activities like ropes courses and other adventure therapies.  And you’ll creatively express yourself through music and art therapy. We also offer specialized treatments like EMDR that help get to deep-rooted issues like trauma. Learn more about our therapies.

Setting That Inspires Change

Whether you’re from a big city or a small town, you’ll find comfort and inspiration on our serene, 23-acre campus. Quiet and peaceful with tree-lined paths, a pond and nearby reservoir, our location encourages self-reflection and connection with others and the world around you. Learn more about our setting.

Aftercare / Alumni Support

The Ranch Mississippi drug rehab alumni are a close-knit bunch. During treatment, lifelong connections and friendships are made. We have weekly aftercare meetings that are widely attended — some alumni have been coming for several years. In addition to weekly meetings, the aftercare group often organizes activities like sober-fun nights.

Legacy of Healing

At The Ranch Mississippi, we live and breathe recovery. Most of our staff members are in recovery themselves. Some are even former The Ranch Mississippi clients. Combined, our staff has given over 250 years of service to The Ranch Mississippi. You’ll get quality care and a genuine, down-to-earth treatment experience. Recovery gets real here, and lives are changed for the better. The number of referrals we get from former clients whose lives we’ve changed is vast, many recommending their own family members.

Ready to turn everything around? Call us: 844-242-0036

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