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The Ranch Mississippi has played an instrumental part in helping literally thousands of individuals touched by alcoholism, drug addiction and behavioral addictions. Below, we’ve compiled just some of the success stories that we’ve been fortunate enough to take part in. To learn more about treatment at The Ranch Mississippi call 844-242-0036.

Edward – former The Ranch Mississippi patient

Edward, a former patient at The Ranch Mississippi, reflects upon his journey of sobriety and how the programs at The Ranch Mississippi helped him reconnect with his family and rediscover a sense of meaning and spiritual depth in his life.

Jane and Lynn – parents of a former The Ranch Mississippi patient

Jane and Lynn were faced with the hard decision of seeking out a court order to get their son into treatment at The Ranch Mississippi. In this video, Jane and Lynn reflect upon the process and how the programs at The Ranch Mississippi enabled their son to find a healthy life again.

Michael – former The Ranch Mississippi patient

Michael, a former patient at The Ranch Mississippi, talks about The Ranch Mississippi’s programs and how they enabled him to reclaim his life, get back on his feet, and successfully begin a new career.

Paula St. Pierre – addictions specialist

Paula St. Pierre is an addictions specialist who has been making referrals to The Ranch Mississippi for over 20 years. Paula shares her perceptions of the programs at The Ranch Mississippi and how they have been of benefit to the clients with whom she works.

John Owen – addictions specialist

John Owen is an addictions specialist who provides both counseling to individuals struggling with addictions as well as addictions assessments. John talks about the programs at The Ranch Mississippi and the results he has seen in the 25 years he has been making referrals.

I can not complain about one thing that happened to me while I was here. I always felt that my counselor, CAs, treatment team, medical professionals, etc always had my best interest at heart. I always felt that they were fighting along side me and that my recovery was as just important to them as it was to me

God and The Ranch Mississippi saved my life, and that is a gift I could never repay. I am so grateful and thankful for everyone here at The Ranch Mississippi, words cannot express.

The best part of my experience was the peer based community as well as the love care support and concern of the staff. The Ranch Mississippi staff is truly amazing at everything they do.

Pretty much all throughout this process I’ve received more than I thought I would get in return!! I appreciated everyone’s help and needs they have given me so far and I’m more of a changed person than I thought I ever would be!!

I got a lot out of tx and I love that there is a personal trainer! I love The Ranch Mississippi and would come back in a heartbeat if need be.

I feel confident my tool will be laid before me on a daily basis. I will take home the wisdom and education of my disease. MY anger and trauma will soon be part of past. Behavior problems were identified and I have been helped tremendously how to identify and work through the problems. I am so extremely happy I came here.

There are no words to describe how compassionate and caring this program has been to me. My goals and needs were met above and beyond any thing i could have ever expected. My time with Stacey was always amazing. Also the feedback and encouragement from all the staff….Tina,Cindy and Zach. I also enjoyed the time with my peers learning from them and encouraging them.

I chose to come back to The Ranch Mississippi because this has been the only treatment center out of the three ive been too that has actually kept me sober for a long period of time (2 and half years). I learned all of the tools i needed and they kept me accountable even after i left. Even though i relapsed I have never put together that much time in all of my years of using. I love this place and would recommend it to everyone!

i have been to several treatments and this by far is the best place i have been to the staff helped me the whole time with my treatment goals and needs

The best parts of my experience were equine therapy, family care program, and my group/small group sessions. My counselor, Leslie Cain, was beyond amazing and helpful to me in every way. I owe my life to this treatment center.

I really felt like they cared about me, and my future. Especially Lisa and Chris. I felt like Chris really understood me, and knew what was best. And Lisa, I normally wouldn’t expect the Director to take such interest in individual patients. It really meant a lot to me.

I feel like my treatment goals and needs were exceptionally met. The counselors here proved they have not only the knowledge but the experience needed to help people get and stay sober. I feel like my goals were unique to me and what I needed to understand myself and grow as a person.

I would not be alive today and be going home to a stronger family foundation. This program saved my life!

I gained so much insight into myself, other people, problem-solving, step study, etc. It has truly helped to begin my process of changing the entire way I think and perceive. I have gotten so much happiness and self esteem back.

After being to so many treatments in the past, all of which are well known, I do feel like I got more out of this treatment.  I believe that is because it was less lectures and teaching and more application and processing. Leslie Cain was my counselor and a true gift to me. The safety and support I felt from day one with her allowed me to finally open up and uncover some deep rooted issues. I was blessed to have some awesome women in my group and that honesty that we all put out there really helped me to continue to throw out into the middle of the floor what my fears were/are and where my addiction has taken me.  I also got a lot out of living in a unit where my daily needs had to be met by myself and the others within my unit.  No one cooking for me or really cleaning up after me and shopping allowed me to feel like I was still a part of life rather than having others do for me for 90 days.

The best parts were having great counselors who helped me see things I couldnt and get to places I didnt think I could get to. Also, forming friendships and positive relationships with people from the Ranch Mississippi  has been vital to my continued recovery and overall experience as a whole.

The staff was very supportive and encouraging and I felt like I had found a place where I could be myself. I wouldn’t change my stay here for anything I love all the staff and they have given me a new freedom and sense of happiness!!!!

In the beginning I was in denial of my need for help. However, through my stay and treatment I learned how much I needed what the Ranch Mississippi was offering. They gave realistic goals, boundaries and outcomes. I feel better than words can describe.

I think ranch Mississippi saved my life and am so grateful I came here. From the nurses to the CAs, the staff was wonderful and I couldn’t have asked for better

I am very grateful that I had the chance to get the best care and treatment I have gotten to receive. I did not know a place like this was out there. I wish that everyone knew what a great opportunity this is for them.

The best part of my experience is that I am alive, sober, have regained the trust and respect of my family, and that I am in a better place than I have been in decades. I truly believe that the Ranch Mississippi , along with the community here, saved my life.

Alex M

I woke up out of a blackout at The Ranch Mississippi. The people were so caring, but did not tolerate any of my B.S. I’m alive and happy and all the promises have come true for me. The Ranch Mississippi is a huge part of my story-part of the solution for me.

– Alex M. (1989)

Alison D

I had always heard the Ranch Mississippi was a “boot camp” in Mississippi. Far from the truth-it’s a fantastic surprise when you actually get there. Ranch Mississippi saved my life and actually gave me a life.

– Alison D. (2003)


In February of 2008 I actually thought I would be planning a funeral for my daughter in the VERY near future. My life seemed to be spiraling out of control due to her drug and alcohol abuse. It was just completely out of my hands and I felt hopeless. Our doctor gave us the name of the ONLY place he recommended, that being The Ranch Mississippi .When I first called I couldn’t see how I could put my beloved daughter in a place that didn’t even have a pool, etc. Some how they convinced me to see the light, maybe just out of pure desperation. Whatever gift it was, I can only say today she is the daughter I always wanted. She has been working now for more then a year and attending meetings weekly. She also attends Ranch Mississippi’s  after care. I am proud to say she is my child. All of this is due to the amazing work that the counselors at Ranch Mississippi instilled in her. The loving girl I once knew is back. Now I wake up each day and Thank GOD for giving me The Ranch Mississippi and sending us to MS on that very bleak day in February.

Your Faithful admirer,

– Nancy (2008)

Tom M

I was a habitual “relapser”. My therapist had recommended the Ranch Mississippi before, but I had heard it was a boot camp and I did not think someone of my age would benefit. I was wrong. The campus atmosphere was great, the daily Big Book studies, the morning meditation, grocery shopping, cooking, early, early meditations on the patio. I don’t know, but a full moon always seemed brighter and closer. Maybe that was because no city lights of high building obscured the view, or maybe I was seeing the moon with a clearer pair of eyes. Thank you for letting me share my experience, strength and hope. Today, I am 14 months sober. I am sober one day at a time.

– Tom M. (2008)

Trey W

The Ranch Mississippi not only saved my life but it changed my life. I was lost in drug addiction and alcoholism before coming to Ranch Mississippi . The Ranch Mississippi gave me the tools I needed to not only stop my addictions, but also laid out a plan for how to live again. Through constant contact with counselors, staff, and other patients I learned the fundamentals on how to use the support system I had and relearned basic life skills to be able to restructure a life worth living.

– Trey W (1996)

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