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At COPAC, we believe chemical addiction is a disease of the body, mind and spirit, and that the recovery process encompasses healing the whole person.

Success Stories

COPAC has played an instrumental part in helping literally thousands of individuals touched by alcoholism, drug addiction, and behavioral addictions.

Our focus at COPAC is on healing the whole person, not just the problem. Call 844-242-0036


Do you offer detox?

Yes, supervised by our Medical Director. Please contact Courtney Milan with additional questions about detoxification.

What is the Family Program?

The Family Program helps educate the family members about the illness of addiction and helps the family begin the healing process. It usually takes place in the third or fourth week of the treatment process and lasts for 5 days starting Monday at 8:30 AM.

What insurance do you accept?

We accept most major insurance policies but there are so many insurance companies with thousands of policies, each written differently. The best way to determine if your insurance coverage is valid for COPAC is to have it verified by our Business Office. Sometimes when coverage is denied, we can work out a one-time contract with your insurance company. We do not accept Medicaid or Medicare.

Does COPAC accept Health Insurance as Fee Payment?

Yes. COPAC will do everything we can to assist in securing insurance reimbursement for your treatment.

This is a complicated process for the patient, the treatment center, and the insurance provider. COPAC maintains agreements with a number of insurance carriers but each one has different rules and standards for what services it will pay for. Just because COMPANY X says it covers residential care it may have a variety of policy options and only one of these options will cover COPAC or any other residential program. Consequently, your specific policy options may not cover you.

COPAC wants you to understand that our agreement for services is between You and COPAC, not your insurance carrier and COPAC.

What Medical services are included?

A COPAC physician will give patients at COPAC a history and physical. Part of this process will be to rule out any underlining psychiatric problems the patient may have.

What are the Living Arrangements like?

The patients live together in groups that are designed to function as families. While they may not function as normal families (Mom is certainly not there to pick-up after them), they function as we see an ideal family would. Chores are divided among the “family members.” Someone sweeps, mops, cleans toilets, washes dishes, prepares meals, and cooks. As a group, they plan a weekly menu (approved by our Dietician) and a grocery shopping list. They even do their own shopping!

They are required to make up their bed daily and wash their clothes weekly. Patients learn responsible sober-living skills during their treatment. These daily tasks aid in their transition when they leave COPAC and again are living on their own.

Other Questions

Take a look at our FAQ section, or feel free to contact us. We Look forward to hearing from you!


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