Evaluation for Professionals

Program Snapshot:

A Typical Patient:

The Typical Program Length:
One (1) Week

The Program Includes:
History and Physical, Psychiatric Evaluation, Psychological Testing, Drug Screens, Collateral Information, and Evalution Report

Referral to:
Appropriate treatment milieu

Through our five-day diagnostic evaluation for professionals, we identify addiction and/or psychiatric issues and assess each client’s treatment needs.

The goals of the program are to accurately assess and determine the problem, define the treatment process, and provide the most appropriate treatment approach. In addition to a health history and physical examination, the Diagnostic Evaluation Program provides a thorough psychiatric evaluation, psychological testing, drug screen, collateral information, and a final evaluation report. The program is appropriate for state monitoring programs, Advocacy, Cadeuceus groups, and employee assessments.

Program Goals

  • Determine problem
  • Define treatment process
  • Refer to appropriate treatment

Program Milestones

  • History and Physical
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Psychological testing
  • Drug screen
  • Collateral information
  • Evaluation report

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